Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pizza Night!

Since tomorrow is my RDO (regular day off - I work 5 days one week and 4 the next) I decided to try my hand at BBQ Chicken Pizza. The dough is busy rising, the chicken is simmering in Sweet Baby Ray's (the sauce is the boss ya'll .... honestly... the only BBQ sauce in a bottle I don't mess with.. go .. now.. try). I can't wait! A little bacon sprinkled on top ... YUM!

I want to figure out a pizza that I had last week. It had some type of thick ranch sauce instead of red topped with cheese (of course), grilled chicken, onions and sweet pepers. If I could just figure out the ranch sauce. Thicker than dressing, but it wasn't sour cream or cream cheese. I might try mixing with some ricotta and give it a whirl. If anyone has a clue, please let me know.

Finished my psych for the week.. YEAH ME! Read my western civ at lunch... double YEAH ME! Tonight is mine all mine! Bring on the knitting!

I'm not feeling Banff or Frills... or the purse for that matter... I want to dig into that red stuff I dyed so I'm going to cruise knitty.


Blogger Marina said...

I don't know about that. We like Sweet Baby Ray's over here but we prefer Montgomery Inn,

7:20 PM  
Anonymous isela said...

Could it be Alfredo Sauce? or possibly 4 Cheese Sauce?

9:29 PM  

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