Saturday, January 21, 2006

Can I just say

I love Jen and La! Brutal honesty, likkered up Friday night posts, humor, love for all creatures great and small... God bless us everyone... oops, wrong thought process there. But you all know what I mean.

Go check out Jen's olympic buttons... I spit soda out of my nose (yes it hurt) when reading the Canada, US, Great Britain ones and now Jen added France!

I worked on my purse today while watching The Shield. I'm having a netflix marathon. I love Michael Chicklis! I remembered him from the Commish and I can't even picture him as that character anymore. I am so addicted! Why didn't I notice this when it started. Although my falling for it is the kiss of death... China Beach? Found it in it's last season. 30-something, same thing. OZ... found it in 2002... they killed it in 2003.

Secret Pal... I loved the card! I was so happy to get the mail and see something other than bills! Lucky you being from San Diego! I hear it's beautiful! It's on my list of places to see while I'm still living in California. By the way... I like smaller packages too!


Anonymous Dani said...

I so know that kiss of death feeling! Bath and Body Works honey almond scent. Yankee Candle Sugared Plum. Apparently the new Black Cherry Fresca, which I can not find ANYWHERE anymore. Judging Amy! American Dreams! And there's more LOL but they would make me look old ;-) My honey and I always joke that the second eithr one of us likes something, little alarm bells go off and it gets yanked off the market. They just better stay away from Grey's Anatomy - Im just saying!!!

I never watched The Sheild and somehow missed the marathon =( And I THOUGHT that was the guy from the Commish, but wasnt sure. My friend has the DVDs though so maybe I will jump on the bandwagon and you wont have to feel guilty if it gets cancelled LOL

5:07 AM  
Blogger Sedie said...

I see you've swipped your button from Jen & La! So have I'm ready to hear you in the cheering section!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Scottish Lamb said...

We are completely hooked on The Shield. Vic looks exactly like a friend of ours that will be visiting this weekend. So much so we all call him Vic. We have to watch on DVD though since we're in Germany. Actually that's a good thing because we often get hooked and have to force ourselves to turn it off and go to bed. lol.

12:05 AM  

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