Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here and there

Hey look Ma! I checked my comments! Thanks Isela and Karyn for the comments about the desk! Oh, and Hi Leslie! I know it was from a few days ago... ooops! BBB (big bad boss) won't be going anywhere...I just keep smiling - and popping the ulcer meds:)... and saving up money to move.

The sealer finally dried and I'm all set up on my new desk. I'm even not letting stuff pile up on it so I can see the flowers. (let's see how long that lasts!) All the prettiness of it is a little distracting (or maybe it's just the dryness of the western civ) and I find my self looking at it and drifting off to daydreams.

I also got an old 70's endtable last week and I've been busy figuring out what to do with it. I'll have to take a picture before I get too far. I'm sure some of you out there will remember the style. It's big and square with dark wood, this raised paneling on the two doors and big brass knocker style handles. They also made them in octagon (or was it the six-sided thing) shapes... I only know this because we had the whole set when I was growing up.

knitting? what knitting... what is that anyway?

Yep, not much going on here. Like I said, I'm kind of bored with what I have... maybe I'll start something new.. like a pair of socks...which of course I'll get bored with after one is done. Plus, my right shoulder has been killing me for the past few weeks. Not really conducive to knitting.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Pray I make it through another week without telling the boss what I really think of her!


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