Saturday, March 11, 2006

E is for...

E is for evolution!

First up, the evolution of Western Civilization. Currently I'm up to Roman Civilization. The class is relatively easy. Could it be all the Latin I endured? The professor has no people skills. (Can you tell I'm studying for the mid-term and have nothing else to wow you with?)

Next up the evolution of the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders. Mid-term is done with! Yes, I am working on my final paper already. I love personality disorders. They are so fascinating. This professor is wonderful and so is her student assistant.

Ahhhh.... now we're talking! The evolution of Lady Eleanor. I completed a skein last weekend and between studying, working and sleeping, I have another half skein done. Noro Silk Garden is interesting. I love the color variations. It has the roughness and VM you find in the kureyon, but you definitely can feel the softness of the mohair and silk. After a few hours of knitting, it started to feel a little like twine...lots of lotion helped.

There was a comment /question about the Malabrigo and what it was. It is the finest, softest, handspun, 100% Merino wool that I have ever felt. It feels like a rose petal brushing against your cheek. It is hard to describe the softness. It's even softer than my beloved Alpaca. This is one of the reasons that I love knitting (and spinning) ...the tactile sensations. I've used Merino before... and yes, it is softer than regular wool, but the variations in texture with different brands keep me enthralled.


Blogger tara said...

Nope! I'm not working on a sweater-but something very similar to Lady E.
Thanks for playing,

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