Monday, January 02, 2006

I finished it!

This is a Dimensions kit that I purchased (and started) back in June of 2004. I'm not usually one for kits, but Michaels was having a sale and it seemed like a great idea. My friend Meagan and I bought kits at the same time so we could have a little stitch and bitch every once in a while. I had just moved to the Antelope Valley and gotten rid of the roommate from hell...she had recently moved back in with her parents. We had a great time. We usually got together 2 nights a week... not a lot of stitching actually got done... there was a lot more bitching, and watching movies, and eating. Then I started knitting and that was pretty much the end of this project! At least it is done (I don't think hers is yet, I'll have to email her) and it will look good on my wall.


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