Saturday, November 11, 2006

Going Undercover

Finally! I cast off my loom swatch a couple of days ago. Thanks to Isela (check out the beautiful gift her hubby made - WOW) for her great tutorials. I think loom knitting for a while will actually improve my regular knitting when I get back to it! Do you see the bobbles? I made bobbles...I haven't even done that with needle knitting. I'm easily entertained. Yes, this means I have cast on (or whatever you call it with looms) a hat for Knit Unto Others. Go on, take a day and make a hat, take a weekend and make a scarf or mittens.

Speaking of mittens...It is cold here! 37 degrees when I let the dogs out. I went to put on my gloves and realized that I need a mitten. Yes, just one for the floppy paw. I figured that I would just slip the glove on and not put the fingers in. It might have worked had the cuff of the glove not compressed something and caused pain and pins and needles. I should start a shopping list for people who break an arm. It's the little things - like those plastic flossers/pick things. Have you tried to floss your teeth with one hand? Yeah, those are lifesavers.

I'm going undercover...under my covers that is. My at home PT has been bumped up a little and it's wiping me out. It's been taking me about an hour from heat up to ice down. Three times a day - not including the theraputty that is always in my hand and the hand exercises. When I'm done, I can't even lift my arm. Who knew moving your arm was so tiring. Since I'm still not sleeping through the night (and not napping during the day has not improved my sleep) - I'm giving in. When I'm tired, I'm going to sleep. My schedule is kind of clear right now so why not give it a shot.

Yeah..... we'll see how that works. Hopefully I can turn off the "I could be, should be, want to be doing this or that" thoughts. :)


Blogger margene said...

You body needs to heal and its time you just gave into it and let it do so. It's no use fighting it. You'll be happier in the long run if you relax into healing. May you heal quickly;-)

4:34 PM  

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