Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Walk with me Wednesday

Oh I had the best plans! I was going to do a WWMW. I was going to take you all to USC for my follow up appointment. But I forgot my camera. How about next time?

It was mostly good news. The plate and screws are where they should be. They're a little concerned about my lack of ability to turn my hand/arm from palm down to palm up. I'll just have to work harder at PT and practice more at home.

My beef - the game. The worker's comp/dr/PT game. The doc recommends 24 visits, prescribes 8 and WC approves 6. WC is most likely going to approve more. But why the game? Write the script for 24, approve 1/2, get a progress report and approve more. Easy peasy. At least to me. more complaining. I'm working on some loom knitting swatches to practice and then I believe I'll be making a hat or two for Knit Unto Others. Go, see, join! If I can do it recovering from a broken arm - so can you!


Blogger margene said...

There is no explaining insurance companies! I'll look forward to your WWMW post.

1:34 PM  

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