Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random and F.O.A.D. Thursday

What does one do when they finish a hat for Knit Unto Others? Make another! I forgot about all that yarn I bought when I started knitting. I dug out the acrylic stuff and got rid of at lest one skein. I'm awaiting a special package and until then I'll knit hats on the knifty knitter. As for where they are going? Any takers? If you want adult hats, drop me a comment.

F.O.A.D. - What's up with the O.J. Simpson thing? It makes me sick. The only way I would buy the book (and then promptly throw it away) would be if the families got all of the proceeds instead of the 3 mil going to him.

I just might end up being a great spinner after all of this. While I'm heating up my arm (eleventeen hundred times a day) I'm reading Spin-Off (and other books). I'm actually reading tips and understanding the process instead of just doing it. Maybe I will be able to spin lace weight yet.

Off to PT - blech.


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