Saturday, August 19, 2006

Because I'm lazy

I hope to distract everyone with pictures - kind of like the kittens with a piece of tin foil - Oooh! Look! Shiny!

I had this grand plan to take a picture of my WIPs every week and post their progress. That obviously didn't work. Here is the first picture from 2 weeks ago.

Both wash cloths are done. Quick, easy and mindless. Oh and both my mother and step mother love them - easy peasy christmas presents! I've done nothing on the Lady Eleanor. The sock is ready for toe decreases. I want to finish it up this weekend and cast on the second. The rug for my mom (from Mason-Dixon) is kind of coming along. I've completed the first log cabin. It's great for mindless knitting while watching DVD's.

Now for the stash enhancement - the good, the bad and the ugly! I FINALLY found a LYS that is only about an hour away - instead of two hours. That being said, they're closing the end of this month. I first went there last week and found out that the 50% sale started this weekend. Guess where I spent 3 hours today?

The whole haul - yes, that is a queen size bed:

Knitting stuff. Enough cotton fleece to make a tank - I hope. 2 skeins of Claudia Handpainted - in a colorway that reminds me of chocolate covered cherries. I also snagged the only skein of Trekking XXL in the shop. I FINALLY got the Fiber Trends Sheep pattern and lamb's pride in grey, white, black and black tweed. (too bad they didn't have the birdhouses or the flamingos - I know...tacky - shut up!)

Although, I think I went a little overboard on the embroidery side of the shop:
Obviously, I love Sam Sarah designs. I also got a cute sampler pattern that has two versions in it - a sheep sampler and a rabbit sampler. There's a tiny Sweetheart Tree project in there somewhere. I also purchased a TON 'O FLOSS - about 30 skeins of Gentle Art Sampler threads, 9 Caron Watercolors, and 6 Weeks. Not really visible - fabric, tons of linen and aida - hand dyed and regular.

Even with the 50% off, you don't want to know what I spent.

**after posting and talking about the WIPs, I really like the idea I had and am going to try to keep it up. (yeah, right)

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I know why it's called c*ck-sucking intarsia. I ended up pulling way too tight and had to rip it out. Now it's just a bunch of balls. Oh well, now to find something else to make with the yarn.

The puppy has a home! Yeah! He was so sweet and so smart. It's a shame I just couldn't keep him.

HEY LA!!! BABIES!!! They're almost ready to go.... time to start thinking about it