Monday, February 27, 2006

I got it! I got it!

My Silk Garden came in! Feast your eyes on this!

I also got some Malabrigo for my SP. Now, I've never seen this nor used it, but everyone was raving about it, so I thought I'd get it for her.
OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOSH!!!!!!! It's like BUTTAH! Like a baby's behind! It's almost orgasmic.
I WANT SOME FOR MYSELF!! It's going to be hard to ship this off, but I don't think I can get another order in and here before the end of SP. must. hide. yarn. Some were comparing it to other well known Uraguian (is that a word?) yarns... but NO... it's softer, smoother... I could roll around naked in it. And if it wasn't for my SP, I would. I was rationalizing what I could send in it's place. must. control. self.

**ahem** anyway... I'll be fine

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Make me a match
Find me a scarf
That I can knit.

So... which scarf and yarn did I pick? Dainty Bess in the Alpaca Cloud my SP sent me and Town and Country in Shadow Grape Jelly. I had to take pictures before I frogged the T&C. I took it to work and jacked up the pattern. It figures that I didn't put a life line in because it was an "easy" pattern repeat. HA!

Here's a close up of the Dainty Bess. It's turning out fabulous! I love, love love it!

In a burst of creativity that started around 9 p.m. and kept me up until 4 a.m., I made two bracelets and a necklace. You can't really see the three hole spacer bar I used on the stone bracelet, but it has a really pretty Celtic Design.

Here's a very fuzzy close up of the black beads. I made them a little over a year ago out of Fimo and just didn't know what I was going to do with them until last night.
I also painted last night. Really, I have no idea where it all came from. I just had to make stuff!
My (rather large)living room furniture is sage green and was just dominating the room. I got these beautiful plum drapes for the sliding glass door about a month ago and thought that I needed a big bang to draw it around the room. I'm thinking a black metal something needs to go on the right of the grouping and maybe a picture of an orchid on the right. Right now this is the only thing on that wall. I now know I need a plant for the corner to soften the bang a little.

**editor's note: I really hate when others use lyrics for titles because I usually end up GETTING THE SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD. I figured I would try to spread some of that love!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The contenders

l-r: Alpaca Cloud Tide Pool, Mist, Autumn, Stream; Shimmer Happy Dance; Gossamer Caribbean; Shadow Vineyard, Grape Jelly, Sunset.

All beautiful yarns. The Shadow and Gossamer are heavier than the Alpaca Cloud and Shimmer. Obviously, Shimmer and Gossamer have ahh, ummm, bright colorways. I simply do not know what to do with those two, so they got thrown in the mix! I was thinking of staying away from the merinos since I have something on the needles with another Gossamer yarn. I did make a whole bunch o' Airy scarves with the Alpaca cloud and love, love, loved! the way they felt.

Ok... narrowed down to the 4 colors on the left. Now to figure out which scarf. All three are lovely. :::::::::::::: sigh ::::::::::::::::::

** please excuse the nasty picture. 430 am under icky fluorescent lighting - 'nuff said!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I promised some
First up, my SP's awesome package. Eucalan, which I've never used. Smells wonderful and I can't wait to give it a try. Elizabeth I ! WOOHOO! I've wanted this for a while and always forget to get it. (while spending way too much on yarn!) Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud... I love this stuff.. soft and warm and wonderful. After taking the picture this morning I fondled it for a while. I'm about ready to take out all of my lace weight and try to decide what I want to use... and which of the three scarfs to make. Decisions, decisions, decisions. THANKS SP!

Next up... I'm going to try to make all you snowbirds jealous with my beautiful daffodils and iris. (lets just not mention that the snow level may drop to 1500 feet in a freak snow storm and dump a couple of inches on me)

The wonderful warm weather we had last week (high 70's) made these little ones pop out of the ground. I wish I would have gotten a picture with all the new clumps blooming. Yes, I know, I have some work to do in the garden. No one's taken care of this thing in years and I can't wait to dig in.

Thank you for the congrats on the promotion. I've been waiting 5 months to get away from the big bad boss. What? I've only been with the company 6 months? Imagine that! I told you ... big bad boss. Just when I get comfortable with what I'm doing, I'm starting over again. It's all good... new challenges, new skills. Best part... the job is a gov't slot that got pulled and given to my company, so direct GS experience. This should help get me in- in.

And just for fun:

Stacey Lynn --


Fuzzy to the touch

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
I got the promotion! YEAH!! Effective March 1!

::::::::::::::: insert happy dance here ::::::::::::::::::::::::;

No more crazy boss! (that alone is worth it)

In other news! Thank you SP! She got me the Elizabeth I scarf pattern!!!! I will take pics Friday and do a better post.... if I can keep the yarn and pattern from following me to work today! Dang.... that knitting stuff can be a little co-dependent and needy!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Have internet, have email! YEAH!! Hopefully it lasts more than 12 hours.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just ducky!

Wow... the colors on my blog look like a**! I'm on my old Dell Inspiron 2600 and the color all washed out. That cute yellow I see at work... non existent. Looks like a change coming up!

Why am I on my old laptop? Well two reasons actually.

1) verizonsucks verizonsucks verizonsucks and I have to use dial up until they get a technician out here
2.) In all of my technomological savvy, I thought when I got my Inspiron 8500... I don't need a modem... I have a wireless card and a lan port. HA!

With all of the problems with my verizon dsl, I have the cable company coming out here too. Told them both... whoever can get me back on the internet first, gets my business. Actually, I think I'm just going to tell Verizon to take a hike. I'm really disappointed with both their service and their customer service.

Knitting? In chez Stacey? Why yes there is! How? Isn't that shoulder still bothering you? Well... not right now it isn't... I'm feeling quite ducky! A little pain killer/muscle relaxer thingy and I feel fine! I'm working on a something for a coworker... who SPINS and knits... and only knits with her handspun! And I'm working on something for my SP. I figure I better get in the gifties before the pills wear off/run out.

All that talk about computers makes me realize, I need a new one. This time, a regular ole computer. I have two laptops, why would I need another? Back in the day (early 90's) I LOVED my apples... only wanted to use apples. Then I don't know what happened. Apples are so darn cute... and great with graphic work. Maybe I should look into that. I wonder how easily they integrate with a Microsoft based network.

Anywho... still no word on the promotion... NOT GETTING MY HOPES UP!!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

quick, quicker, quickest

In the 5 minutes I have before Blogger goes down for maintenance:

YEAH! My SP got her first box! I'm so happy!

BOO! New payroll chick at the main office in VA jacked up my check and made me $116 short! And I have to eat it... because they withheld too many taxes and already sent it to the IRS. I think that chick should have to pay me out of her own money.

1/2 jump for joy... I'm up for a promotion... I interviewed today and I thought it went really well. My boss wants to meet with me one on one tomorrow "to discuss some things" I'm hoping it's an offer... but I don't want to get my hopes up too high.

no knitting... shoulder is still killing me... and I still don't have mo-to-vation

oh... and I'm currently not watching survivor because I wanted to concentrate on my Psych assignment... obviously I'm working hard on it :)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here and there

Hey look Ma! I checked my comments! Thanks Isela and Karyn for the comments about the desk! Oh, and Hi Leslie! I know it was from a few days ago... ooops! BBB (big bad boss) won't be going anywhere...I just keep smiling - and popping the ulcer meds:)... and saving up money to move.

The sealer finally dried and I'm all set up on my new desk. I'm even not letting stuff pile up on it so I can see the flowers. (let's see how long that lasts!) All the prettiness of it is a little distracting (or maybe it's just the dryness of the western civ) and I find my self looking at it and drifting off to daydreams.

I also got an old 70's endtable last week and I've been busy figuring out what to do with it. I'll have to take a picture before I get too far. I'm sure some of you out there will remember the style. It's big and square with dark wood, this raised paneling on the two doors and big brass knocker style handles. They also made them in octagon (or was it the six-sided thing) shapes... I only know this because we had the whole set when I was growing up.

knitting? what knitting... what is that anyway?

Yep, not much going on here. Like I said, I'm kind of bored with what I have... maybe I'll start something new.. like a pair of socks...which of course I'll get bored with after one is done. Plus, my right shoulder has been killing me for the past few weeks. Not really conducive to knitting.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Pray I make it through another week without telling the boss what I really think of her!

C is for

Cute cats cuddling... here is Einstein (the black and white) and Tao (the white and black) cuddling with my Katie. Frankie (the black kitten) is hiding behind her.

Cool! The greatest colors and clouds are always abundant in the Mojave. This one is from Friday night and literally stretched across the sky and curved. These are taken facing two opposite directions. When I first walked out and saw it, I thought it was part of a rainbow. Then I got all "conspiracy theory". The cloud stretched between two important places. co-winkydink?

Creative! This is my new desk top. Well new for me anyway. It was just sitting around all sad and unused. I got some secondhand furniture last weekend and threw this into the "re-do" mix. Of course, it's the first thing I finished! My mom and I collaborated. I did the background, the special effects and the lettering, she did the flowers.
Now I can have my dining room table back in the dining room and I have a desk to study at! Of course, the dining table has only been eaten at twice. It's been a sewing table, a desk, a craft table, a mixing station... everything but a place to eat. Maybe because it's one of those build it your self things, the chairs are uncomfortable. I have my eye on an old table at a second hand store. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Do you ever...

Do you ever hate everything you have on the needles?

Ok, so maybe hate is a strong word. It's all stockinette right now. BORING!! I should have ordered that silk garden...I'd be doing some fun entrelac right now. As it is, I have to wait until later this month.

I'm also completely underwhelmed by Western Civ. I don't know why... but I just can't get into it.

Found a fellow spinner at work. She and her husband actually own a ranch in Montana and they have sheep! BFL... she doesn't have any extra right now, but the next time she shears, she promised me some. She is also friends with someone who owns churro and she's going to try to get me some. I'm giving her some merino/silk roving I have since she's only ever spun plain wool. We might get together and do some dying since she hasn't tried it yet.

I'm gathering my C pictures, but I leave you with my blooming iris.. Yes, in February!