Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stash Enhancement

Dave's Banana Lace Cake.

Go buy now! I told you to do it the other day and his stock is getting low! His yarn is great, delivery is quick and he included a little bit of lavender.

Berroco Foliage in Walnut...oh this is soft. I was thinking of a hat, but now I'm thinking maybe an arm cozy. Yeah, I need one...kind of like a legwarmer for my floppy paw.

Mega Boots Stretch. I got this because I was this close to the larger discount from WEBS. I can't wait to give this a try.

Gee...guess what this is for...Lamb's Pride Worsted

Kidssilk Haze in Jacob. OMG! This stuff is so soft! I couldn't decide between the varigated and the solid stuff. I'd love to see what the color repeat looks like in this. I had a project in mind when I ordered and now I can't remember. ACK! Was it Susan's Mountain Stream? But why did I order 3?

Malabrigo. I really wanted the stonechat colorway, but they were sold out. I was thinking a clapotis redux - unless I can come up with a simple, non boring shawl that uses about 700 yds.

Note to self:
purple yarn from Jean: Arwen Winter 06 IK
Schaefer Anne: Swallowtail Shawl Fall 06 IK
Knitpicks Shadow: Mim's Mountain Peaks
Baby Silk: Icarus Summer 06 IK
Malabrigo: Clapotis II
Kid Silk Haze: don't remember

1000 yds of red and black Mohair: HELP ME OUT PEOPLE!!! :) Give me some pattern ideas!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lame Title, Lame Post

Today was the surgeon's appointment. 6 hours in the car makes for a long day. I took my KUO hat with and got a little work done on it. I was distracted taking pictures for Walk With Me Wednesday.

I ate the best chicken ever (info tomorrow) Isela, when you come to L.A. you have to eat there!!! I think you're going to be in the Burbank area and there is one there.

Good news from the doc, so I forgot to take his picture. My bone is grown! It appears the bone has healed/ fused/ what ever it is they do. He actually said I'm making good progress with my physical therapy. His nurse even commented on it and checked to make sure that my surgery was 6 weeks ago. HAHAHAHA! YEAH!!!

And to think after my last visit I was so discouraged that I wasn't getting anywhere. He did warn me that now I had to get aggressive with physical therapy. Urg. I thought we were being aggressive. I feel like pulled pork after a session.

No work until 10 Jan 07. Boss isn't happy, but it's because all the junk is backing up and the Engineers are running rampant. She now has to deal with a lot of the bickering that never made it to her ears. All of my processes and rules are being ignored and it's causing problems. At least I know my job is secure!

Swelling is finally going down and I have knuckles forming again. Also, I can see and feel a lump where the metal and screws are. Apparently, it's o.k. Icky, but o.k.

If you've stayed this long, stash enhancement from WEBS will be posted tomorrow after PT. Yes, 4 appointments in 4 days...But I leave you with 3 words, Crack Silk Haze. YUMMY!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

WIP Wednesday...when I wanna do it

On the needles (and pegs?):

The little loom I spoke of yesterday. A dime is used for size reference on the finished sock. Love it, love it, love it! Faster than I hand knitted last year's. This is just the test color until I get the proper stocking look.

Another hat for Knit Unto Others:

My submission for

Oooh... is that another package in the background? Umm yeah, I don't know how that happened, but here is some fiber from FaerieLady Fibers

Monday, November 27, 2006

Stash Enhancement

As promised, my stash enhancement - sorry for the blurry's dark and stormy today.

From The Loopy Ewe, Schaefer Anne and the goodies that were sent with it - a cute set of needle inventory cards and samples of Regia Bamboo and Regia Silk. This picture does not show the great colors! Imagine different caramel and chocolate colors. Looks good enough to eat!
First, I want to say that I am completely satisfied with the service. It was shipped quickly and email updates were sent often. Second, she sent samples...I don't have a LYS, so this was great. I considered both yarns, but I always double and triple think all purchases because I can't touch them. I will definitely purchase the bamboo and possibly the silk (if I can find a pattern that goes with such a great yarn). Please support this great online shop**!

Next up, some great looms and yarn. The looms are from Isela's (and her hubby's) loom company. ** They are wonderful! I can use worsted weight yarn with them! No more knifty knitter! I thought wood looms would be really heavy, but these are just perfect.
Do you see the tiny one in the middle? It makes tiny sweaters and stockings. I had planned to make all of my co-workers sweaters from LMKG as part of their presents. I also wanted to make a few for my tree. With the whole arm thing, that wasn't going to happen. Now it can! Thanks Isela and Sam for making that loom and helping me with my Christmas plans.

Also in the picture is two more pounds of wool from Jean. (she has more and in different colors!) It's the same that I ordered before, but I found this pattern in the latest IK :
I needed to get enough to make the sweater. (STOP SNICKERING!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it)

** I am in no way affiliated with either shop or shop owner. I am just a very satisfied customer and a big fan of Isela!

Updated Measurements:
Extension - 22 degrees (old 24)
Hand - 45 degrees (old 37)
Bending - 106 degrees

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Public Service

Go now...Dave has some new yarn. I got mine! This is my first purchase from him, but I've been lusting for a while now and I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Picture post tomorrow hopefully. I got my order from Loopy Ewe. Also a first order (Schaefer Anne - yummy) but I am definitely shopping there again. It was sent quickly, she wrote a lovely little note and just wait til you see the goodies she sent with.

I'm trying to hold out until more of the stash enhancement arrives. I need a button - vicodin and shopping don't mix? - friends don't let friends shop doped up?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Bad stash enhancing blogger! I haven't been sharing. So here it is!

From elann: Finally, a ball winder. No more hand winding. Yeah! A project for me to do while I'm bored out of my mind.** Baby silk for Icarus and Socks, Socks, Socks.

Sock Candy! Oh WOW!!! Must buy more!

Some Noro I got off of the destash blog.

**ETA** Bored out of my mind because I've been given a new exercise. Hold a can in my hand. That's it. Extend my arm as far as I can, turn my hand as far as I can and hold a can. I'm starting with a 10 oz "soup at hand" and will move up from there. It's supposed to passively stretch my hand and arm.

New measurements today: Arm extension is at 24 degrees (number should be getting lower - last measurement 30 degrees). Hand flexion (?) is at 37 degrees (number should be getting higher - last measurement forgotten) Official measurements for Dr to be done on Monday.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lazy day

I promised a floppy paw post and it appears the day after physical therapy may be the best time. I yoinked this idea from someone else - I don't remember who...sorry.

Check out these blogs. They are awesome reads and have far too few subscribers (in bloglines anyway)

Have you any wool?

brooklyntweed - worth it just for the pics - can I learn to take pictures of my knitting like that?

Dave Daniel's Cabin Cove What? You haven't heard of him and Miss Lulu? Bonus, he sells yarn and the greatest needle holders.



Stoneview Great knitting and wonderful recipes.

Whimsical Knitting

I don't have enough in me yet to write description for all...just go look!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

F.O.'s and First Steps


Another hat done for Knit Unto Others. I think these three are going to sent off to Rabbitch and her hat challenge. I'll start the next batch later today.

First Steps

I can turn a door knob! With my right hand! It's just my bedroom and the hall bath, but it's more than I could do. I can now carry a glass and open my door. Hopefully my bathroom and the front door will follow soon.

Also, guess what I did this morning. Yep, I cast on and knit 5 rows!

I have no idea what the style of knitting was, but I held the right side stationary and the left was doing all of the work. It took a bit longer, but it is fabric out of fiber!

Size 9 needles are being used but I think I may have to set this aside for a project with bigger needles. The 9's are hard to hold onto and the pinching motion has caused some numbness and stiffness.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Knit Unto Others starts tomorrow! All it takes is a comment on the KUO blog to sign up. Take the time out of this crazy season to do something for others.

How long would it take to do the following?:

  • Knit some washcloths for a local woman's shelter
  • Knit some baby socks
  • Premie Hats
  • Heck even adult hats in bulky yarn
  • Scarves, scarves, scarves

According to my calculations, two to four hours. That's it. Half a Saturday. A week's worth of lunches. One road trip to grandmother's house (as long as someone else is driving). You can even pick your own charity. Just go there and sign up.

Margene explains my challenge better than I can. But if I can do it, so can you! Check out the prizes while you're there. Oh, did I forget that part. Yep, prizes will be handed out too!

I had a "I'm having a bad 'floppy paw' day so you're getting a crappy post" brewing...I'll save it for tomorrow...there will be links to some great blogs you have to read.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Random and F.O.A.D. Thursday

What does one do when they finish a hat for Knit Unto Others? Make another! I forgot about all that yarn I bought when I started knitting. I dug out the acrylic stuff and got rid of at lest one skein. I'm awaiting a special package and until then I'll knit hats on the knifty knitter. As for where they are going? Any takers? If you want adult hats, drop me a comment.

F.O.A.D. - What's up with the O.J. Simpson thing? It makes me sick. The only way I would buy the book (and then promptly throw it away) would be if the families got all of the proceeds instead of the 3 mil going to him.

I just might end up being a great spinner after all of this. While I'm heating up my arm (eleventeen hundred times a day) I'm reading Spin-Off (and other books). I'm actually reading tips and understanding the process instead of just doing it. Maybe I will be able to spin lace weight yet.

Off to PT - blech.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Simple Brilliance

Sometimes it's the little things. Those little "why didn't I think of that" moments. Sometimes the brilliance of others comes and smacks you when you least expect it.

Margene had a post the other day showing her spinning in progress. About half way through the post, there it is! She predrafts her fiber, makes little bumps and puts them in a container! I've been struggling because I used to wrap a chunk'o fiber around my wrist and draft from there. So I've been pre-drafting and wrapping the fiber around a stick. I can't tell you how many times that stick hit the floor. Rolling the fiber into manageable bumps. Simple! Brilliant!

Rabbitch had another one. Towards the end of this post, she shows an orifice hook that she made. In case you haven't noticed, I'm having a little problem with my right hand. I can pick up my tiny hook, but when I go to move my hand, I lose my ability to grip it. How about a hook with a bigger handle that I can grab and hold. Simple! Brilliant!

A little known fact about me is that I used to paint needlepoint canvases. I hit a wall. I had no more. The well was dry. I also used to bead and make things with fimo. This time off from "doing" has allowed me to think, refresh and renew. The ideas have started to flow. I've started a journal of ideas and rough, (very rough) left handed sketches. Let's see where this all goes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wonderful Insanity

For all of you regular folks going to work this morning, please ignore the crazy lady in her yard; camera in hand, wearing a big comfy robe, the best hat ever (liz claiborne - about 6 years old) and an oven mitt;

it was worth it!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Hey Canada, keep your cold front! It's cold again...brrrrrr.

Progression 1: My Knit Unto Others hat. I started out with k1p1 ribbing and switched to the loom stitch (easier on the hand).
Remember, if I can use my surgically enhanced arm to make something, you can too. Just one item, just a few hours.

Progression 2: The aforementioned arm. I have gone from a -40 degree angle to a -30 degree with it since Thursday. Zero degrees is straight. Now, at first I thought "Pffft...what's 10 degrees?" Apparently, it is no small thing. My PT also told me that I need to not be so hard on myself. Surprise! Ummm...can you say Type A?

Last post...meant to be comedic...hence the title. Of course I did not reveal some of the more embarrassing things that may or may not have happened. Did I mention that the hypothetical person that might have to help you in the rest room might be a co-worker...more specifically someone that might be in a supervisory role? :) You could be lucky and said hypothetical boss-like person could be r-e-a-l-l-y laid back.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Comedy Relief

Yes, I have made the "Essential things you need the moment you break your arm" list. I may add more items as situations arise.

1. If it’s cold outside – get a pair of mittens. Your fat, swollen fingers aren’t going to fit in a glove. Trust me. And you’re going to need them since your hand is always going to feel about 20 degrees cooler than the rest of your body - more when you ice your arm down after working it out. Alternatively, I’ve found that an oven mitt will work in a pinch.

2. Plastic flossers/pick things. Have you tried to floss your teeth with one hand? Yeah, those are lifesavers.

3. While on the subject of oral hygiene, get an electric toothbrush. I finally broke down and got one because brushing left handed just wasn’t getting them clean enough. The toothbrush does all the work and my teeth have never felt cleaner.

4. and 5. A subscription to netflix and jigsaw puzzles. If you normally do anything with your hands, like…for example…something like… I don’t know… knitting – you will go out of your mind with boredom. You don’t have to go to the video store with hordes of people who seem to be blind and for some reason can’t see the enormous cast on your arm and consequently bump into you. Bonus, if you end up falling asleep constantly from the pain killers – no late fees. The jigsaw puzzles will give you something to do with your hand. Just don’t get 1000-piece puzzles. You will not be able to reach the middle.

6. Elastic-waisted pants, one size bigger than you normally wear. Yeah, they’re not that fashionable, but trust me on this one. Go ahead; spend the $5 at Walmart. I only had one pair of pants that didn’t have a zipper - you can’t do a zipper one handed. The larger size just makes it easier to get them up and down by yourself. Believe me, you don’t want to be stuck in a public bathroom and have to get your cell phone out to call the person you’re with to help you pull your pants up. I’m just sayin’. I refuse to confirm or deny that this is based on actual events.

7. A pair of shoes that you can slide into. I like those canvas ones with no back -again, $2.99 at Walmart. For me, these two items go together. Maybe I’m starting to show my age, but unless you’re a mother with a sick, screaming child or your partner has almost amputated his or her finger, going to the grocery store or pharmacy in your character print jammies and fuzzy slippers is not acceptable.

8. Deep plastic containers – you know like the medium size ones you can get at the deli. If you break your dominant hand, you can’t eat a lot of foods from a plate or a bowl. Try chasing pork fried rice around a plate a few times or eating cereal out of a bowl…you’ll convert. I’ve been getting a ton of “you’re loosing weight comments” Umm, yeah…I can’t get the food to my mouth. Half for me, half for the eager dogs at my feet. You will also learn that almost anything can be eaten with a soup spoon.

9. Some one who loves you enough to shave where you can’t reach.

Going Undercover

Finally! I cast off my loom swatch a couple of days ago. Thanks to Isela (check out the beautiful gift her hubby made - WOW) for her great tutorials. I think loom knitting for a while will actually improve my regular knitting when I get back to it! Do you see the bobbles? I made bobbles...I haven't even done that with needle knitting. I'm easily entertained. Yes, this means I have cast on (or whatever you call it with looms) a hat for Knit Unto Others. Go on, take a day and make a hat, take a weekend and make a scarf or mittens.

Speaking of mittens...It is cold here! 37 degrees when I let the dogs out. I went to put on my gloves and realized that I need a mitten. Yes, just one for the floppy paw. I figured that I would just slip the glove on and not put the fingers in. It might have worked had the cuff of the glove not compressed something and caused pain and pins and needles. I should start a shopping list for people who break an arm. It's the little things - like those plastic flossers/pick things. Have you tried to floss your teeth with one hand? Yeah, those are lifesavers.

I'm going undercover...under my covers that is. My at home PT has been bumped up a little and it's wiping me out. It's been taking me about an hour from heat up to ice down. Three times a day - not including the theraputty that is always in my hand and the hand exercises. When I'm done, I can't even lift my arm. Who knew moving your arm was so tiring. Since I'm still not sleeping through the night (and not napping during the day has not improved my sleep) - I'm giving in. When I'm tired, I'm going to sleep. My schedule is kind of clear right now so why not give it a shot.

Yeah..... we'll see how that works. Hopefully I can turn off the "I could be, should be, want to be doing this or that" thoughts. :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Walk with me Wednesday

Oh I had the best plans! I was going to do a WWMW. I was going to take you all to USC for my follow up appointment. But I forgot my camera. How about next time?

It was mostly good news. The plate and screws are where they should be. They're a little concerned about my lack of ability to turn my hand/arm from palm down to palm up. I'll just have to work harder at PT and practice more at home.

My beef - the game. The worker's comp/dr/PT game. The doc recommends 24 visits, prescribes 8 and WC approves 6. WC is most likely going to approve more. But why the game? Write the script for 24, approve 1/2, get a progress report and approve more. Easy peasy. At least to me. more complaining. I'm working on some loom knitting swatches to practice and then I believe I'll be making a hat or two for Knit Unto Others. Go, see, join! If I can do it recovering from a broken arm - so can you!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Good News, Bad News

Everyone wants to hear the bad news first. It's not really bad news, just disappointing.

I was approved for 6 PT visits, so I'm thinking by Thanksgiving I'd be driving and back to work shortly thereafter. My hopes have been crushed. These first 6-8 visits will be just for getting my arm moving. Just movement - no strengthening, no function. Just movement.

Because I was a good girl and did my PT homework, I went from only being able to open my arm 90 degrees to extending it to 45!! Big improvement. I can actually pull my shirt hem down to straighten it, put my hand in my pocket and get dressed by myself. (except for socks - still working on that one)

Apparently, knitting will be good therapy for hand and arm function. Just not yet :( He told me to chill, relax, take time, do it slowly and do it right.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Postman Cometh

First up, a great lavender Irish wool from Jean. Two pounds of pure wool love. I couldn't get a good picture of the flecks - purples,reds and blues.

Now on to the roving from Spunky Eclectic. Can you say YUMMY!?! Top to Bottom: BFL in Walking on the Sun, Wool in Claret, Romney in Kites and Merino in Autumn. 4 oz of each. Going the speed I'm going now, this gives me enough roving for the rest of my lifetime.

On a related side note, I want to get Spin To Knit by Shannon Okey. I've read quite a few of her blogland interviews and she has mentioned her traumatic elbow injury. Spinning and the beautiful work she's done after that has earned my respect. I've also heard nothing but good things about the book.

How about a Sunday morning sunrise?

Can anyone recommend a better digital camera then the one I have (vivitar vivicam4100) - I see all of the great things and they don't make it into the camera. Believe me, the desert sunrise is WAY more beautiful.

Friday, November 03, 2006

casa del brazo quebrado

Since there are more inquiring minds out there... this is how we do it (imagine a little old skool club dancing here) casa del brazo quebrado*:

Take your roving. In this case, a beautiful purple merino from my stash.

Split it in half length wise.

Split that in half again.

Keep splitting until it's about this thin. As you are splitting out the last section, pre draft the fiber.

I usually wrap what I'm going to spin around something so it's not all over the place. Mmmmm... cotton candy.

And then I spin.

Go congratulate Isela...she's going to be on Knitty Gritty!

*Babel Fish tells me that this means House of the Broken Arm

Eye Candy

Some Artyarns that I got from the DeStash Blog. Yummy!

So what is a recently reformed smoker (thank you Jen for the post - that I now can't find - about quitting that put me over the edge )to do when they get injured and have to sit at home with a smoker who goes out eleventeen hundred times a day to smoke?

Yep, puzzles. Eight done and one in the works. Three - hundred piece, three 300 piece, and two 500 piece puzzles completed. I tried to do a 1000 piece, but I couldn’t reach the middle.

Now as for the smoking, I’m not gonna lie, I have had a few. The first after they tried to slip my elbow back in place four times – with no sedation. Then the day of surgery I bought a pack because if I was going to die on the operating table, I was going to have one last smoke damn it! Let’s not even talk about the hysterical phone call from the hospital asking my friend to come get me because I was too scared to go through with it. Yeah, I don’t do surgery well…especially alone. The last one on the ride home from the hospital. I gave the pack to my mom.

Finally, my November caledar for Deb.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm cheating with this post and using a response to an email as most of the meat.

PT was actually pretty cool. I got heat for 10 mins and a hand and arm massage - omg it was WONDERFUL! Then some stretching and moving to see what I could do and a grand finish with some ice. Oh, and he gave me homework - great. Did you know they have a machine that mimics a stick shift? Once I get moving a little I'll get to try it out.

Since inquiring minds want to know:

Have you been in any pain with your elbow?

Lately there hasn't been much pain - unless I move it :) It's not used to that yet. The most annoying thing has been the numbness. My pinky and ring fingers feel fat and pins and needley. The whole forearm feels weird when touched. But, it's to be expected since the ulnar nerve was crushed in the incident and then moved to a new position during surgery.

And if you're still in a cast how do they do PT?

I'm not in a cast anymore. Ten days after surgery it came off and I was left to my own devices. Of course, the bone has been put together with a metal plate and 3 huge screws - I mean huge screws. You could hang pictures with these suckers - so the bone is not coming apart. It's the torn muscle, the missing cartilage, the nerve issue and the non-use for a month.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Blue Moon is having sign ups for their next Socks That Rock Sock Club! Of course I signed up before letting y'all know.

The new Magknits is also out. I like the socks and the faux fair isle hat. Considering I bought some Noro off of the De-Stash blog, I might make one of the hats. Oh, and the sock yarn. And the 2lbs of yarn from Jean. And the roving from Boogie.