Friday, December 31, 2004

Sunday Brunch... a week late

"An income tax form is like a laundry list -- either way you lose your shirt." -Fred Allen

1) Do you use fabric softener or softener sheets? Whatever the laundry uses.

2) Do you dry clean clothes on a regular basis? When I was working, once a week.

3) Do you do laundry as it piles up or do you wait until you are out of clean clothes? Wait until I am out of clean clothes.

4) Do you use a clean towel every day for your shower or use the same one throughout the week? I use two a week.

5) Who does the laundry in your household? Me, if you count dropping it off at the fluff and fold as doing laundry. I've been so spoiled since I moved out here.. $.75/lb and it's all nice and folded or hung! WOOO HOOO!

Lady that Lunches Posted by Hello

I had to post this picture... little Poquito (I just call her Pokey) has been freezing her little chihuahua behind off, so I broke down and actually bought her a sweater for Christmas. I figured if I was going to dress my dog, well darn it, it was going to be outragous. so here she is in front of my tiny little 3 ft tree.

WHOA! It's been a while!

Almost 3 months. Ok, so I'm not such a good blogger. Bad me! I have been busy with the job search. No luck yet.... anyone know of any jobs for an office manager with networking, sales and paralegal experience? Actually, any office job right about now would be good.

Christmas was a little tight but great fun this year. My best friend Meagan and I were making jars of Desert Chili Mix (from this book ) and I made a quilt for my mom, a blanket for my dad and some ornaments. Luckily I pretty much had everything I needed on hand and didn't have to buy a lot. I also made a WHOLE bunch of polymer clay ornaments and decorated votive holders. Too bad I didn't take pictures of them. I have some still and will try to get them up.

I didn't get much cross stitch done, but I did also crocheted two scarves and half an afghan.

and then it happened.....
my mother got me some knitting needles and a book for Christmas. ARGH!!! Now something else to do. I really like it, it's calming and I find it easier than crochet. So far I've made 3 coasters, a wash cloth, a soda cozy, a dog ball and now I'm working on a scarf. I dragged my mom with me to the store today in the pouring rain and flooding to get more yarn for the next project in the book, a ripple afghan. I didn't want to be stuck over the weekend with no knitting! I'm an addict already.

Crisis of Faith....

So many titles in this little entry. I've had a bit of time to think lately (funny how being unemployed will do that to you) and my thoughts keep going back to religion and a higher power and what do I really believe. I was raised one religion and converted to another when I got married and then went wild for a few years! All of this thinking actually started a little over a year ago when I moved here and started working for a company that was owned by members of the church that I converted to. I shared an office for a while with the one owner's daughter and began talking about the church and faith and things like that. It also happens that my friend Meagan belongs (although not active) and her family (very active) are about the only people I really know out here.

I'm really comfortable being around people of this particular faith and find the joy and happiness and love that they have to be amazing. BUT... (there always is a but) I don't know that I "fit" in this church. These people seem nice, kind, peaceful, and good. I'm none of those things.... ok, so maybe I can be nice and kind ... sometimes, catch me in the morning before coffee and you might not think so ... and all in all I am a good person (at least I think so). These people seem so perfect and I feel anything but perfect.

Ugh! I'll just stop rambling now and hope I get some pictures up soon. Happy New Year's Everyone!